Regulations on Seminars & Title Award for Organizers

1. With effect from January 15th 2012, there will be no more direct application for the title of International Organizer. All candidates shall be required to attend and pass an examination in the В Seminar for Organizers. The awarding of the title through В exams should be combined with some minimum experience.
2. The duration of a Seminar shall be 3 days and the minimum number of hours is 15 and another В 3 hours for examination and debrief.
3. The lecture and examination shall include the following topics:

  1. All regulations of the Events Commission.
  2. Regulations pertaining to Rating & Titles.
  3. Events’ Management
4. Panel of FIDE Lecturers: The initial list shall be nominated by Events Commission taking into consideration the geographical needs of each Continent.
5. Fees – Travel Costs

Seminar Fee: up to В 250 Euros (decided by organizer)

The costs for travel, board & lodging will be covered by the federation registering the participants, club or participant.

FIDE International organizer (FIO)
6. Scope / Mission: To get the FIDE licence for the organisation of FIDE, Continental and International tournaments.
7. Qualification / Professional Skills Requirements:

  1. EVE seminar norm.
  2. Proof of Experience (3 titled tournaments with participants from at least 3 federations).
  3. At least 2 languages.

The tournaments must be organized before or after the seminar. The title awarded after the completion of the necessary tournaments.

Title Awarding
8. After successful graduation from the seminar course, each participant will receive a participation certificate signed by the Lecturers / Seminar Leaders.
9. After the detailed report submission by the Lecturers / Seminar Leaders to EVE, the National Federations will submit the title applications/proposals to FIDE for approval by an official body (PB, EB or GA).
10. Following approval, the International Organizer will receive the official diploma and badgeВ  (the badgeВ  shall include the photograph of the organizer and the licence validity) from FIDE, if the conditions in article 8 are fulfilled and payments В of FIDE fees:

Title Award Fee (one time) 100 euros
Licence Fee (valid for 4 years) 100 euros
11. It is allowed for a participant to pay his Title Fee in advance to the affiliated federation/body co-organizer or to FIDE directly. In this case he/she must inform FIDE in writing of this action.
12. A titled Organizer will be charged a ‘Licence Fee’ after two calendar years have passed since the title was awarded. Each licence will be valid for four (4) years. Failing to fulfil the licence’s obligations will lead to a suspension from the organizer’s titles lists.
13. English is the official languageВ  for communication and applications between EVE and Organizers.