FIDE IOs Seminar with Asian Chess Federation Results, January 2023

FIDE IO Online Seminar was held from 5th to 8th January 2023 via Zoom.

It was organized by the Asian Chess Federation under the auspices of the FIDE Events Commission.

The opening session was attended by FIDE Executive Director GM Victor Bologan, and IO Ozgur Solakoglu, Honorary Chairman of the FIDE Events Commission. GM Bologan spoke at the opening about educating more organizers and he thanked participants for their interest.

The Lecturers of the Seminar were IO Ozgur Solakoglu, IO Abdulrahim Mahdi, Chairman of the ACF Arbiters Commission and IO Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh, ACF Executive Board member and ACF Executive Director Casto Abundo.

The Language of the Seminar was in English

Daily lectures were from 10.00-14.00 Dubai Time (GMT +4).  8th May 2022 was the seminar examination test (3 Hours).

Twenty-five persons participated from 16 countries, namely Bangladesh, Fiji, Guam, India, Iran, Italy, Philippines, Rwanda, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uganda, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Twenty-two of them passed the examination test which was held after the end of the lecture.

The Seminar will give FIDE IO norm, Seminar Certificate according to the Regulations for the FIDE Events Commission after the approval of the next FIDE Council meeting.

A list of those who passed the exam successfully:

NAME Federation FIDE ID:
Manuel Maldo Albuera Jr. PHI 5264723
Vepa Malikgulyyev TKM 14000369
Andre Harding USA 2008335
Tumwesigye Fugee Atuhwera Musasira UGA 10024719
Agab Dozva ZIM 11012145
Danilo Reyes PHI 5220351
Karami Shabanabadi, Darioush IRI 36787019
Marco Bottin ITA 28585755
Md Haroon Or Rashid BAN 10208291
Milan Roman SVK 14958651
Rafet Gulmez TUR 6372651
Taione Sikivou FIJ 11400153
Fedie Rodrigo PHI 5263921
Gary Flores PHI 5218284
Hossein Mirbolouk IRI 36762423
Lau Yan Han SGP 5810728
Marlon Laguador PHI 115105244
Myra Ollet GUM 31000517
Pragadesh P. IND 46625208
Rodrigo J Villa Jr PHI 5263930
Ryan Dimayuga PHI 5225256
Winnie Dionisio Felix PHI 5221927