FIDE IO Seminar – November 2022

  • Announcement: The registration deadline has been extended to 17th November 2022.

FIDE International Organizer Seminar (18th – 27th November 2022)
Tatweer Chess Academy

  • Organizer: Tatweer Chess Academy, under the auspices of FIDE Events Commission (EVE)
  • Objectives: To train and certify organizers of international chess events in compliance with new FIDE regulations, to organize sport events in high standards under the auspices of FIDE events commission, and getting international organizers titles (IO’s norms and titles).
  • Participation: Visit the Google form link for registration, priority is for first registered participants:


  • Deadline: The earlier of complete number of allowed registrants or 17th November 2022.
  • Platform: Both the seminar and exam will be held on ZOOM online platform. All details will be sent to participants by the end of resgistration.
  • Schdeule: 18th – 27th November 2022 (Over 2 weekends)
  • Friday 18th November 2022 18:00 to 21:00 GMT
  • Saturday 19th November 2022 14:00 – 18:00 GMT
  • Sunday 20th November 2022 14:00 – 18:00 GMT
  • Saturday 26th November 2022 14:00 – 18:00 GMT
  • Sunday 27th November 2022 (3 hours examination test, flexible)


  • Seminar Material:

All material will be afforded for free for the participants at the end of each lecture.

In case a participant could not attend part of any live lecture, then the recorded session will be available on the YouTube channel of Tatweer Chess Academy, on daily basis, please subscribe to the channel for updates and advertisements:

  • Seminar Topics:
  • Principles of planning, applicable to sports events.
  • Sports Events Management.
  • Events commission (mission, roles, members, FIDE calendar)
  • All FIDE events regulations (general & specific regulations)
  • Tournaments conditions, standards of venues and materials.
  • Bids procedure for official international tournaments.
  • FIDE ratings and titles regulations for organizing purposes.
  • FIDE online and hybrid chess regulations.
  • IO titles regulations.
  • Experience from organizing the 2021 word championship.
  • Checklist of events organizing, and case studies.
  • Seminar languages: English. And a live transcript for ZOOM + normal translation via YouTube.
  • Lecturers: FIDE IO\IA Mahdi Abdulrahim, Chairman of FIDE Rules Commission and the chief arbiter of the World Chess Championship 2021 between Carlsen & Neop.

Assistant lecturers: IO\ IA Casto Abundo, the councilor of FIDE Qualification Commission, and FA Obay Ali.

  • Entry Fees:
  • 100 Dollars + $ 5, using PayPal:
  • 100 Dollars + transfer fees, using Western Union. Or 100 Dollars + bank fees, using T\T.
  • Special discounts for Unemployed women and academy members.
  • FREE for people with special needs or disabilities, affording official proof.


  • Certificates:

Each participant will receive an attendance certificate by Tatweer Chess Academy,

And a certificate signed by the FIDE Events Commission, upon successful completion and pass.

The successful attendees will be granted a FIDE IO norm.

Then after receiving your NORM certificate by us, and for the purpose of getting the (international organizer) title after a detailed report submission by the lecturers and the academy, to FIDE EVE,
 The national federations will submit the title applications\proposals to FIDE for approval according to FIDE Handbook, Chapter B09.


  • Link for EVE:


  • Link for: FIDE Events Commission Organizers’ Manual, 2016.


  • Link for: FIDE Handbook, 2020.


  • Organizing Committee and contacts:

Tatweer Chess Academy

FA Obay izzeldin +201141412985 \ +249918309064

Miss Rawan Eyhab +249123619605