FIDE IO Seminar Panama City-Panama Results, June 2022

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the FIDE World School Chess Championship 2022 in Panama City, the International Organizer seminar was held from June 16 to 18 2022.

The seminar was held in English and Spanish by the Chair of the FIDE Events Commission IO Ozgur Solakoglu with the assistance of IO Stanley Gómez.  Participants from countries in America and Africa were present in order to share experiences and learn about the current regulations in the organization of tournaments.  

Very important participants attended throughout this event, as was the case of Sabrina San Vicente Chair of the FIDE Qualification Commission and the FIDE Deputy President Lukasz Turlej.”

Report by Stanley Gómez

List of Successful Participants:

Anabel Beita Castillo 6613918 Panama
Beatriz Valentina Cauich Tun 29603226 Mexico
Carolina Griselda Garrido Monroy 29603218 Mexico
Cesar Tello Meryk 6613179 Panama
Charles Raymond Appiah Tandoh 12600733 Ghana
Elizabeth Martínez Flores 5191254 Mexico
Fernando Murrieta Nunez 3854728 Peru
Fredy Durate Guayanez   Colombia
Germán Dario Univio Sánchez 4406648 Colombia
José Rodríguez Rodríguez 6608264 Panama
María Angélica Carrillo 3911853 Panama
Martín Matínez Romero 4404025 Colombia
Wilmer Paul Peñaloza Buestan 3642283 Ecuador
Yarelis Yaneth Morales 6605796 Panama
Zamary Guiza Mendoza   Colombia