Results: FIDE IO Online Seminar

FIDE IO Online Seminar was held on Zoom from 6th to 15th May 2022.

“Tatweer Chess Academy” organized it, and under the auspices of the FIDE Events Commission. The seminar had free entry for the disabled and other categories, with extremely low fees for women, to empower them, as part of Tatweer Chess Academy policy.

 The opening session was attended by IO Solakoglu, Ozgur (Chairman of the FIDE Events Commission), and the secretary of the FIDE Events Commission WGM Ilaha Kadimova also attended on the last day.

The seminar was conducted by FIDE Lecturer IO/IA Mahdi Abdulrahim (UAE), FIDE Rules Commission, Chairman. And Chairman of the ACF Arbiters Commission. The seminar was moderated by FA Obay Ali, (chairman of Tatweer Chess Academy), and technical assistant for the examination part was Mr. KK Chen. The Language of the Seminar was English. A part of lectures was dedicated to new FIDE regulations for online and hybrid chess events and to the changes in Rating and Titles regulations.

Daily lectures were from 18.00-22.00 Cairo Time (+2 GMT).  The total sessions were (16) Hours +(3) Hours Exam + 1 hour revision of exam on 22nd May 2022.

Forty-Five (45) participants registered for seminar from twenty-three (23) federations, (Males: 37 – Females: 9). There were from Sudan (10), Turkey (5), Uganda (3), Palestine (2), Bangladesh (2), Spain (2), Botswana (2), Kyrgyzstan (2), Peru (2), Togo (2), India (2), South Sudan (1), Iceland (1), Syria (1), Poland (1), New Zealand (1), Cyprus (1), Lebanon (1), Israel (1), Nigeria (1), Morocco (1), Somalia (1), Philippines (1).

Thirty-Seven (37) participants took the examination, and twenty-eight (28) of them passed the examination. It is noted that all women passed.

The Seminar will give FIDE IO norms, according to the Regulations for the FIDE Events Commission, after the approval of the next FIDE Council meeting.

List of participants who successfully passed the exam

Surname First name FIDE ID Federation
Zhumashova Medina 13813773 KGZ
Outerelo Martinez Natalia 32038011 ESP
Ramseh Kukku 25695606 IND
Faron Rafal 1149768 POL
Juda Kalanzi 10016619 UGA
Shyngs Kyzy Aizharkyn 13800531 KGZ
Avineri Paz 2815052 ISR
Christie Richie 4307470 NZL
Ozcifci Deniz 44548150 TUR
Gundogdu Nevil 44595573 TUR
Cruz Garcia David 22251367 ESP
Skouroupathis Pavlos 5909724 CYP
Ali Obay 12200123 SUD
Okoro Aderemi Bankole Mubarak 21200483 TOG
Mooketsi Segaise 11318015 BOT
Bocangel Chavez Marjoire J. 3810500 PER
Adewole Adeyinka 8502544 NGR
Wadidi Samir 12201162 SUD
Alhasan Yasein 11520582 PLE
Sat Erkan 6370810 TUR
Rawan Eyhab 12200794 SUD
Gabriel Gele Mattia Emmanuel 32500270 SSD
Elwali Gismalla 12200310 SUD
Jonsson Gauti Pall 2309092 ISL
Joseph Kato 10021175 UGA
Elden Selda 6356001 TUR
Narch Maissoun 7605927 SYR
Moumen Hamza 9017810 MAR