FIDE Online Seminar for International Organizers in Uzbekistan – Results

On May 07-10, 2021, the Uzbekistan Chess Federation, under the auspices of the FIDE Events Commission (EVE) and the Asian Chess Federation, held a seminar for International Organizers concurrently with the Zone 3.4 Open Championships that took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
This event was made possible due to financial support from FIDE and the Asian Chess Federation. The seminar’s objective was to train and certify Organizers of international chess events in compliance with FIDE regulations. For the first time among such seminars, the topics included FIDE Online Chess Regulations and emphasized the practical aspects of organizing hybrid chess competitions. The exam material and format were also updated significantly. The seminar was given by Vadim Tsypin (CAN) IA, IO, FIDE EVE Lecturer using Zoom videoconferencing platform. Fifteen (15) participants from five (5) Asian and European federations took part: UZB, KAZ, KGZ, LAT, UKR. Attendees who passed the exam will be awarded a FIDE EVE norm necessary for a FIDE IO title application.

List of participants who succeeded and will be be awarded a FIDE EVE Norm follows:

No. Name   FIDE ID FED
1  Khasanov, Ruslan 14219476 UZB
2  Semenova, Irina 14201437 UZB
3  Bozorboev, Sunnatullo 14218038 UZB
4  Kamalov, Jakhongir 14204002 UZB
5  Tihomirovs, Andris 11607815 LAT
6  Horodyskyi, Oleh 14136627 UKR
7 Mihailovs, Arturs 11603690 LAT
8 Damir, Talapker 381043108 KGZ
9 Cimins, Alberts 11601787 LAT
10 Laizans, Aivars 11603348 LAT
11 Umarbekov, Aziz 13800248 KGZ
12 Abdukholikov, Fotikh 14203669 UZB
13 Imomova, Nilufar 14224712 UZB

     SEMINAR REPORT       

Photos from the seminar are included.