FIDE Seminar for International Organizers in Dammam – Results

FIDE IO Seminar in Dammam KSA 2
A Seminar for International Organizers was held from 11th to 15th of July at the Green Arena in Dammam, Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Chess Federation in cooperation with the Asian Chess Federation and the Leadership Institute, the EVE commission of FIDE.

The objective of the Seminar was to educate and certify Organizers on an international basis. Topics in the seminar covered the latest regulations of Events Commission (Mission, Members, Events Regulations, Bid Procedure, Ratings and Titles and Events’ Management).

Many examples of previous WCC and other major FIDE events organizing procedures were examined including the organizational issues involved in the famous 1972 Fisher Spassky match.

The Lecturer of the seminar was IA Yaser Motlaq Al Otaibi (KSA), FIDE Lecturer and Assistant Lecturer was Ahmad Belali (KSA). The lecturers and the exam were in Arabic.

A total of 41 participants from 1 federations attended the seminars while out of them 34 candidates have successfully passed the examination:

1 21515972 Qahtani, Ibtehal A KSA F
2 21515816 Al Saif, Mohammed K KSA M
3 21515840 Al shehri, Abdullah M KSA M
4 21515999 Mansour Homoud Al-Ghamdi KSA M
5 21516006 Alshehri, Mohammed A KSA M
6 21504628 Al Otaibi, Abdullah Dhawi KSA M
7 21515875 Bilali, Wael M KSA M
8 21515883 Alkhaazim azem , Nayf M KSA M
9 21515727 Alshami, Abdullah Mohammed KSA M
10 21515611 Alkyade , Moosa KSA M
11 21515930 Alsaeed, Moayad S KSA M
12 21515867 Alabbas, Mohammed M KSA M
13 21515832 Al Dawsari, Abdullah N KSA M
14 21515921 Alquohi, hisham A KSA M
15 21515948 Al Asmari, Nouf D KSA F
16 21515956 Al Asmari, Fatimah D KSA F
17 21511764 Alqarni, Ali A KSA M
18 21515964 Al Asmari, Khloud D KSA F
19 21508097 Al Sadeq, Eman Ahmed KSA F
20 21515824 Al Alyani, Mohammed KSA M
21 21515905 Alotaibi Abdulelah D KSA M
22 21511101 Alissa, Turki KSA M
23 21515859 Kabbi,Khalid I KSA M
24 21502730 Al Makhamel, Abdulwahed KSA M
25 21516014 AlShehri, Waleed KSA M
26 21515719 Alshami , Motaz KSA M
27 21515891 Alsharef, Zekra M KSA F
28 21515913 Alomar, Abdulrahman O KSA M
29 21516022 Almahwiti, Abdulkrem KSA M
30 21502048 Al Thele, Mousa B KSA M
31 21500223 Al Sadeq, Ameen KSA M
32 21508070 Al Durazi, Zainab Ali KSA F
33 21501815 Matthary, Nabil Rasheed KSA M
34 21515913 Alomar, Abdulrahman O KSA M

Yaser Al Otaibi (KSA)

FIDE IO Seminar in Dammam KSA 3
FIDE IO Seminar in Dammam KSA 1
FIDE IO Seminar in Dammam KSA 4