FIDE Seminar for International Organizers in Baghdad – Results

A seminar for International Organizers was held from 1st to 3rd of July at the Inter Hotel at Baghdad, Iraq, by the Iraq Chess Federation and the cooperation of the Iraq Olympic Commission & under the auspices of Asian Chess Federation, and the Events commission of FIDE.

The objective of the Seminar was to educate and certify Organizers norm on an international basis.

The FIDE Lecturer was IO, IA, FT Hassan Khaled from EGY.

The Seminar Assistants:
IA, FI, IO Dhafer, Abdul Ameer MadhloomВ  – Iraq Chess Federation President
IA, FI, IO Asaad, Ismael Tawfeeq – Iraq Chess Federation Deputy

The lecturers and the exam were in Arabic.

12 candidates participated in the seminar (Iraq), 10 of them attended the exam and passed the test as follows:

1 4805011 Farhan, Nasir Jasim M IA, FI
2 4805038 Mahdi Attiyah Abdullah M IA
3 4800613 Abdul Hadi, Maftool Mhere M CM, FI, FA
4 4801326 Sami, Abbas Mohammed M FA, IA
5 4805623 Al Yhya, Dhamir Jabar Mossa M FA, FI, IA
6 4808304 Saad Mohsin Hussein M FA
7 4805615 Mohammad Mahdi, Abdullah M FA
8 4808380 Suad Abdulameer Salloom ALzuabidi F
9 4809963 Saad Abdula Hussein Farhad M
10 4811569 Ali Adnan Younus M

With Deputies
With General Secretary Olympic Committee