3rd World Senior Team Chess Championship 2015

The 3rd Senior Team Chess Championship from 24th February to 4th March 2015 in Dresden is already breaking all the records for participants two months before the start.

After the First World Championship 2004 on the Isle of Man (12 teams) the FIDE Congress 2013В  decided in Tallinn that three test events with the new age structure (50+ , 65+ , 50+ female) would take place in Vilnius (2014) and in Dresden (2015 and 2016). Based on the number of participants in Vilnius 2014 (28 teams) and the last European Team Championship of Seniors in Dresden in 2012 (72 teams), the organizing committee anticipated between 65 and 75 teams for 2015.

This anticipation is significantly exceeded with the current registration status of 84 teams from 16 nations as of 1st January 2015. A great success for the event!

Nevertheless, this entails major challenges for the organization. Both the planned capacity of the playing halls and the hotel rooms are reached. Therefore, it is necessary to start a waiting list for any new registrations.

Any team that still wants to register will be placed on the waiting list. In the short term, the organizing committee will then try to help with any necessary search for accommodation. Furthermore, we are constantly working on making sure that additional room to play at the venue is made available. The teams will then be informed promptly about developments.

For current questions, please contact info@schachfestival.de or ++ 49 (0) 351 4161629В  For more information, please visit: www.schachfestival.de

With kind regards
IO Dr. Dirk Jordan
President and Tournament Director