Results of the FIDE International Organizers Seminar in Barbados

International Organizer Seminar, Barbados 3-5 May 2013

Fifteen participants from 5 federations attended the International Organizer Seminar organised by the Barbados Chess Federation and with financial support from the Continent of the Americas and Development Commission. The excellent seminar room, transport to and from the hotel and other facilities were courtesy of the Barbados Olympic Association.

Fourteen persons took the examination at the end of the seminar and all achieved the seminar norm. They were Roderick Noel and Russell Smith from Trinidad & Tobago, Ricardo dos Ramos and Vishay Hardwarsing from Surinam, Andre White from Bahamas, Ryan Singh from Guyana and Peter Sandiford, Allan Herbert, Rohan Waithe, Kelvin Daniel, Trevor Griffith, Anne-Marie Cumberbatch, Hetty Wilson and Calderon Walrond from Barbados. A certificate was presented to each of the successful participants.

David Jarrett

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Part 04Pictures by Andre White