FIDE Seminar for International Organizers in Moscow, Russia

5-7 February 2015, Moscow (Russia)

Objective: To educate and certify Organizers on an international basis. The seminar is co-organized during the Moscow Open Festival by the FIDE Events’ Commission (EVE), the Russian State Social University with the support of the Russian Chess Federation.

Subject: This seminar will be held at Moscow, Russia from February 5 to February 7, 2015. Successfully Seminar attendees will grant a FIDE IO Norm necessary for the FIDE IO title application. Detailed IO Titles Regulations here:

Thursday, February 5, 10:00 to 15:00 p.m. Seminar (Part 1)
Friday, February 6, 10:00 to 15;00 a.m. Seminar (Part 2)
Saturday, February 7, 10:00 to 15:00 a.m. Seminar (Part 3 – Exam)

Venue: Russian State Social University, city Moscow.

Hotel “Tourist”, – It is located in five minutes from RSSU.
Applications for accommodation are accepted until February 4, 2015.

Seminar Topics:
Regulations Events Commission (Mission, Members, Events Regulations, Bid Procedure)
Ratings and Titles, Events’ Management

Seminar Fee: 3000 rubles

Number of participants: maximum 20

Alexander Kostyev, IO, International School Chess Union President, Director of International Chess Education Center of RSSU.

FIDE Events’ Commission Secretary Theodoros Tzorbatzogloy will attend the Opening Ceremony.

Language: The seminar will be held in Russian.

E-mail:, Tel: +7 903 796 41 76