FIDE Events Comission Mission

Scheduling and monitoring of annual bid procedures for FIDE events
(other than WCO events).

  • Guidelines for the Organizers’ Seminars and Titles.
  • Recommend guidelines for the Calendar Administration Regulations & Calendar Planner.
  • Recommend guidelines for Rules for Registration, Transfer & Eligibility for Participation.
  • Recommend guidelines for Financial Regulations on Registration of Participation.
  • Recommend guidelines for Regulations for all FIDE events (applicable also to respective Continental Championships) other than WCO events.
  • Recommend Nominations for the annual President’s Award for Chess Events (nonFIDE/Continental).
  • To organise the FIDE Awards (Oscars for Men &Women, Trainers and Events of the Year etc) during the Olympiads in even-numbered yearsand a key event in odd-numbered years.
  • That FIDE shall have a dedicated booth at the Olympiad and World Youth events