3rd World Senior Team Chess Championship 2015
The 3rd Senior Team Chess Championship from 24th February to 4th March 2015 in Dresden is already breaking all the records for participants two months before the start.

After the First World Championship 2004 on the Isle of Man (12 teams) the FIDE Congress 2013  decided in Tallinn that three test events with the new age structure (50+ , 65+ , 50+ female) would take place in Vilnius (2014) and in Dresden (2015 and 2016). Based on the number of participants in Vilnius 2014 (28 teams) and the last European Team Championship of Seniors in Dresden in 2012 (72 teams), the organizing committee anticipated between 65 and 75 teams for 2015.

This anticipation is significantly exceeded with the current registration status of 84 teams from 16 nations as of 1st January 2015. A great success for the event!

World Youth U16 Olympiad - Round 7 Report
One of the most fascinating aspects of sports in general and chess in particular is that there is no such thing as predetermined results.

The formidable Russian team had been advancing through the tournament at full steam and it seemed as if nothing could take them away from the winning path. The fate of round seven wanted it a bit differently, though. Somewhere around move 40, Goryachkina and Vavulin resigned their second and third board games against Amin and Parham due to inevitable mating threats. In the remaining games the Iranian players had an extra pawn each, but the captain, IM Harandi demanded the top board player Asgarizadeh to offer a draw in order to seal the result. Russia eventually won the last board game but this did not change anything already. Iran won by 2,5 - 1,5!

The fight at the top has tightened as there are three teams in shared lead with 12 points, namely Iran, Russia and India, with Ukraine trailing by just a point. Four other teams have ten points. With three rounds to go, and Caissa seemingly willing to exert her whims, anything can happen...

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FIDE Seminar for International Organizers in Abu Dhabi, UAE
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14 – 16 December 2014, Abu Dhabi

Objective: To educate and certify Organizers on an international basis. The seminar is organized Open by the FIDE Event’s Commission (EVE) and the UAE Chess Federation.

Subject: This seminar will be held at Abu Dhabi capital of United Arab Emirates from 14th to 16th December 2014. Successful Seminar attendees will grant a FIDE IO Norm necessary for the FIDE IO title application. Detailed International Organizers Titles Regulations here:

Results of the FIDE International Organizers Seminars in Vladivostok and Belgorod
FIDE International Organizers Seminars in Vladivostok and BelgorodTwo FIDE Seminars for International Organizers were held on November 1-3, 2014 in Vladivostok, Russia and November 8-10, 2014 in Belgorod, Russia.

Seminars were organized by the FIDE Event's Commission (EVE).

The Lecturer in both Seminars was the IO Alexander Kostyev, ISCU President.

Technical Organizer was NA Tsintsadze Vyacheslav in Vladivostok and IA Ivanov Alexander Al. in Belgorod.

42 participants attended the Seminars, while 32 participants successfully took the examination test and are granted a FIDE IO norm.

FIDE World Youth Chess Olympiad Hosted by Hungary Already Breaks Records
header-hunOnly four months after the Chess Olympiad in Tromso where the greatest chess players of the world competed against each other it is already time to have a look at the best talents of the next generation. In December this year Hungary may organize a Chess Olympiad for the first time, the competition for youth aged under 16 years.

The event takes place in the city of Győr and with more than a month before the start the organizers have real hope for more participant nations than ever before at any Youth Chess Olympiad. It really seems that the best chess talents of all five continents will be present in Hungary between 12th - 22nd December.

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