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After the re-structure of FIDE Commissions in 2009, the Organizers Committee was subsumed under the EVENTS Commission. The Events Commission undertook a review of all regulations of all FIDE competitions which are not under the jurisdiction of the World Championship & Olympiad (WCO) Commission. In addition, the EVE implemented new guidelines for the award of the International Organizer title and brought this in line with other titles (Trainers and Arbiters) which require attendance and passing an examination through a seminar.

One of the immediate tasks of the EVE was to update and systemize regulations of official FIDE competitions. We are glad, that in Istanbul Congress, federations and IOs will each receive a copy of the FIDE Organizers Manual. It comes in a handy folder and replacements are possible whenever regulations are updated or amended.

In order to save posting costs, federations should contact the FIDE Secretariat Staff at the Istanbul Congress for their copies. We also attach a pdf copy which you could simply print.

I take this opportunity to thank especially EVE Secretary Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, Councillor Ozgur Solakoglu and my fellow EVE colleagues for their co-operation and input during my last 3.5 years as EVE Chairman. FIDE Vice President Boris Kutin has been appointed the new EVE Chairman and I am sure he will share his experiences and bring the EVE forward.

Ignatius Leong

FIDE General Secretary


FIDE Organizers Manual (English, pdf)

FIDE Organizers Manual (Russian, pdf)

FIDE Organizers Manual (Portuguese, pdf)

FIDE Anthem (.mp3)

FIDE Logo in high resolution (.zip)

International Organizer Norm Report Form (pdf)

Application for the award of the title of International Organizer (pdf)

FIDE Identity Manual & Sponsorship Guidelines (pdf)

Events Commission announcement
The 2011 Krakow Executive Board and 2012 Q1 Al Ain Presidential Board confirmed the proposals of the Events Commission for events which will be held from 1 January 2014 will be governed by the following regulations:-

1. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions
2. World Junior Championships
3. World Schools Championships
4. World Senior Championships
5. World Amateur Championships
6. World Youth U16 Olympiad
7. World Cities Championship (from 2012)
8. World Youth Championships (from 2016)
9. World Children Championships (from 2016)

Ignatius Leong
FIDE General Secretary
Chairman, Events Commission
FIDE IO Seminars (Archive)

1 5-7 Feb Moscow, Russia   Russian
2 19-21 Feb Makkah, Saudi Arabia   Arabic
3 27 Feb - 1 Mar Curacao   English
4 2-5 Mar 7th Internet based   English
5 12-15 Mar Internet based (American Continent)   Spanish
6 17-19 Jul Gladenbach, Germany   German
1 15-18 January Internet Based  8 Portuguese
2 6-8 February Moscow, Russia  13 Russian/English
3 10-13 March 4th Internet based  21 English
4 27-29 Apr Larnaca, Cyprus   English
5 9-11 May Glandebach, Germany   German
6 23-26 May Internet based (ESP)   Spanish
7 18-21 Jun 2nd Internet based (POR)   Portuguese
8 30 Jun - 3 Jul 5th Internet based   English
9 11-13 Jul Antofagasta, Chile 10 Spanish
10 25-27 Jul Concepcion, Chile 15 Spanish
11 6-9 Oct 6th Internet based 10 English
12 30 Oct - 2 Nov Internet based (American Continent)   Spanish
13 1-3, 8-10 Nov Vladivostok, Belgorod, Russia 42 Russian
14 14-16 Dec Abu Dhabi, UAE   English
1 6-8 February Moscow, Russia 18 Russian
2 4-6 March 1st Internet Based 30 English
3 14-17 March Lima, Peru 10 Spanish
4 19-20 April Luanda, Angola 20 Portuguese
5 3-5 May Bridgetown, Barbados 15 English
6 24-26 May Gallipoly, Italy - English
7 27-29 May Manila, Philippines 7 English
8 28-30 May New York, USA 13 English
9 21-23, June Openau, Germany 13 German
10 15-18 July 2nd Internet Based 22 English
11 26-28 July Toluca, Mexico 11 Spanish,
12 27-29 July Pocos de Caldas, Brazil 7 Spanish, Portuguese
13 16-18 August Santiago, Chile 14 Spanish
14 4-6 October Budva, Montenegro 7 English
15 25-28 November 3rd Internet Based 15 English
16 5-8 December 1st Internet Based   Spanish
17 19-22 December Al Ain, U.A.E. 35 English - Arabic
18 27-29 December Madrid, Spain 16 Spanish
    Total: 2013 253  
Hou Yifan wins the Women's World Chess Championship Match

The 8th game of the match was drawn – and Hou Yifan (China) wins the World championship match against Humpy Koneru (India) with 5.5 – 2,5 score.

The match was to consist of 10 games but Hou Yifan got the decisive 5,5 points already after 8 encounters. In the last, eighth game, Humpy Koneru needed only to win to stay in the match, but the Chinese player was accurate to equalize with Black and secure a draw.

The closing ceremony of the match will be held as scheduled on the 30th of November. The players have a few days to explore Tirana and Albania.

The official tournament web page:

Bidding procedure for the 2016 Chess Olympiad and FIDE Congress
fide-logo-3204FIDE is hereby opening a bidding procedure for the 2016 Chess Olympiad and FIDE Congress in connection with a possible bid for the 2015 FIDE World Cup.

1. Bids should reach FIDE Office not later than 31 May 2012, 13:00 GMT, by email, fax or registered post, address: 9 Syggrou Ave., 11743 Athens - Greece, fax: (+30) 2109212859, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Bids should guarantee that all necessary provisions mentioned in the Olympiad Regulations of the FIDE Handbook will be covered by the Organiser (including articles 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3).

Federations/Organisers who intend to respond to the bidding procedure of the 2016 Olympiad and Congress are kindly requested to note the following:

a) The wording for the required bank guarantee has to cover the following obligations of the appointed organizer:

1. Failure to organise the Chess Olympiad due to take place in 2016.
2. Failure to present further bank guarantees as required under the Olympiad Regulations.
3. Failure to pay the successful bidder's fee of USD 350,000.
4. Failure to meet obligations, financial or otherwise, as agreed in the contract between FIDE and the Organizing Committee of the Chess Olympiad 2016, especially concerning playing halls and full board hotel accommodation.
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