INTERNET based FIDE Seminar for International Organizers - Results
Wednesday, 06 June 2018 16:13

I present the report of the INTERNET based FIDE Seminar for International Organizers, held by the Chess Confederation of America, from May 17-20, 2018.

The exam consisted of 3 hours, where I contemplated the following agenda:
• Regulations of the Events Commission (General Regulations, Event Regulations, Auction Procedures)
• Event management
• FIDE Identity Guidelines and Sponsorships
• Rating and Titles - Tournament conditions

The results after examination were the following:
Alejandro Gabriel Hutt ARG IO
Obed Sánchez Reyes MEX IO
Jose Manuel Barradas MEX IO
José Luis González VEN IO
Gerardo Ramírez Méndez CRC IO
Julio Ernesto Mejía González COL IO
Paul J. González Acosta CRC IO
Leity Johana Gonzalez COL IO
Julieta Velázquez Flores MEX IO
Antonio Hadad Serrano VEN IO

Santiago García Ramos
International Arbiter

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