FIDE Organizers Manual (English, pdf / updated: 2016)

FIDE Organizers Manual (Russian, pdf / updated: 2012)

FIDE Organizers Manual (Portuguese, pdf / updated: 2012)

FIDE Anthem (.mp3)

FIDE Logo in high resolution (.zip)

International Organizer Norm Report Form (pdf)

Application for the award of the title of International Organizer (pdf)

FIDE Identity Manual & Sponsorship Guidelines (pdf / updated: 2013)



FIDE Organizers Manual (English, pdf / updated: 2012)


Previous Announcements:

After the re-structure of FIDE Commissions in 2009, the Organizers Committee was subsumed under the EVENTS Commission. The Events Commission undertook a review of all regulations of all FIDE competitions which are not under the jurisdiction of the World Championship & Olympiad (WCO) Commission. In addition, the EVE implemented new guidelines for the award of the International Organizer title and brought this in line with other titles (Trainers and Arbiters) which require attendance and passing an examination through a seminar.

One of the immediate tasks of the EVE was to update and systemize regulations of official FIDE competitions. We are glad, that in Istanbul Congress, federations and IOs will each receive a copy of the FIDE Organizers Manual. It comes in a handy folder and replacements are possible whenever regulations are updated or amended.

In order to save posting costs, federations should contact the FIDE Secretariat Staff at the Istanbul Congress for their copies. We also attach a pdf copy which you could simply print.

I take this opportunity to thank especially EVE Secretary Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, Councillor Ozgur Solakoglu and my fellow EVE colleagues for their co-operation and input during my last 3.5 years as EVE Chairman. FIDE Vice President Boris Kutin has been appointed the new EVE Chairman and I am sure he will share his experiences and bring the EVE forward.

Ignatius Leong

FIDE General Secretary