Commission Mission
Main Tasks of FIDE Events Commission :

Scheduling and monitoring of annual bid procedures for FIDE events
(other than WCO events).

Guidelines for the Organizers' Seminars and Titles.

Recommend guidelines for the Calendar Administration Regulations & Calendar Planner.

Recommend guidelines for Rules for Registration, Transfer & Eligibility for Participation.

Recommend guidelines for Financial Regulations on Registration of Participation.

Recommend guidelines for Regulations for all FIDE events (applicable also to respective Continental Championships) other than WCO events.

Recommend Nominations for the annual President’s Award for Chess Events (nonFIDE/Continental).

To organise the FIDE Awards (Oscars for Men &Women, Trainers and Events of the Year etc) during the Olympiads in even-numbered yearsand a key event in odd-numbered years.

That FIDE shall have a dedicated booth at the Olympiad and World Youth events

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