FIDE IO Seminar in Tunisia / Results, February 2023

Under the auspices of FIDE EVE Commission and The Tunisian Chess Federation, Omrane Sup Chess Club and the Gabes Chess Academy held an International Organizers Seminar from 9 to 12 February 2023 as a part of Djerba 2023 Chess Festival. The IO seminar was postponed once to allow more attendees from the others federations to join, but only 12 organizers from Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania, took part in the event.

The IO seminar included the following subjects: Regulations for FIDE Events (General Regulations, Specific Regulations, Bid Procedure, New regulations), Regulations of Fide Events Commission (Mission, Members, Training and titles for Organizers) Ratings and Titles, Events Management, Standards of Chess Material.

The lectures were given by FIDE Lecturer IO/IA & FT Bechir Messaoudi from Tunisia on the site and on Zoom. The participants praised the level of the courses and the huge amount of information that they benefited from.

Thanks to the Tunisian Chess Federation, Omrane Sup Chess Club and Gabes Chess Academy for the successful organization. Thanks to the FIDE Events Commission and Go-Events in particular for their support.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees took part in the exam and will be given an IO Norm according to the FIDE regulations.

List of participants who succeeded and will be awarded a FIDE EVE Norm is the following:

  FIDE ID Name as in Fide profile Gender Federation
1 2603900 Tajedine, Sidi Mohamed M MTN
2 5500141 Schenaoui, Nabil M TUN
3 5500249 Gassouma, Mohamed M TUN
4 19600020 Kreiked, Aly Moctar M MTN
5 5522145 Saidi, Chokri M TUN
6 5523494 Khalfalli, Sofien M TUN
7 7940904 Ben Adda,Aouda W ALG
8 5500605 Omar, Jmila M TUN
9 5532094 Ben Mbarek, Mohamed M TUN
10 5510570 Badra, Abderrazak M TUN
11 5510465 Rekik, Ghazi M TUN
12 5503779 Miladi, Amen W TUN

                      The Lecturer

Messaoudi Bechir, IO,IA,FT & FL (TUN)