FIDE IO Seminar with Asian Chess Federation / Results, January 2023

FIDE IO Online Seminar was held from 26th to 30th January 2023 via Zoom.

It was organized by the Asian Chess Federation under the auspices of the FIDE Events Commission.

The opening session was attended by FIDE Executive Director GM Victor Bologan, and Sidorchuk Yana, Secretary of the FIDE Events Commission. IO/IA Casto Abundo Executive Director of ACF, and IO/IA Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh ACF Executive Board member.

GM Bologan spoke at the opening about educating more organizers and he thanked ACF for the kind initiative to organize the special Seminar for the organizers. Rehabilitation of technical and administrative cadres in the Asian continent and others in the field of organizing chess events for their interest. Sidorchuk Yana thanked the ACF for organizing this seminar. She said that for the first time she dealt with the ACF, with technical and administrative staff. She wished the participants benefit and success in the Seminar.The Lecturers of the Seminar was IO/IA Abdulrahim Mahdi (UAE), Chairman of the ACF Arbiters Commission. The Language of the Seminar was in Arabic Translate to English.

Daily lectures were from 20.00-23.30 Dubai Time (GMT +4). 30th January 2023 was the seminar examination test (3 Hours).

Thirty (30) persons participated from 12 countries, namely BRN, KSA, IRQ, UAE, PLE, JOR, YEM, ALG, TUN, MAR, EGY, and LBA. Twenty-Fife (25) of them passed the examination test which was held after the end of the lecture.

The Seminar will give FIDE IO norm, Seminar Certificate according to the Regulations for the FIDE Events Commission after the approval of the next FIDE Council meeting.

List of participants whos’ successfully Passed the exam

Surname, First Name FIDE ID Federation
Khatib, Abdallah 11519592 PLE
Alattar, Elsayed 10655662 EGY
Seder, Naji 11503459 PLE
Azaiez, Fahmi 5500818 TUN
Fatema Mohamed Alqatan 11206047 BRN
Atea, Saad 10601821 EGY
Alfaraj, Nuha Abdullah 21521590 KSA
Tissir, Mohamed 9000240 MAR
Alqwasma, Mohamed 11501227 PLE
Meddeb, Chadha 5501652 TUN
Benhelal, Mossaab 7905513 ALG
Azad Sabir Hussein 4808177 IRQ
Gharib, Alia Ali 9305246 UAE
Amal Jawad Alhashemi 11204982 BRN
Chafai, Meryem 9020330 MAR
Badr, Saleem Jummah 9208925 LBA
Bukhalaf, Khalaf 11200367 BRN
Hassad,Badri 7924577 ALG
Mohammed albanki 11206225 BRN
Pshtiwan Ahmed Shekh Hamad 4808193 IRQ
Abdulazeez Aswad Azeez 4806450 IRQ
Shakir Hammood Zghayer 4800630 IRQ
Emad, Tania 8102007 JOR
Albaiji, Saleh Kamel M 21522812 KSA
Saleh Hasan Abu asr 9405690 YEM