FIDE IO Online Seminar, November 2022 / Results

FIDE IO Online Seminar was held on Zoom from 18thto 27th November 2022.

It was organized by Tatweer Chess Academy, and under the auspices of FIDE Events Commission.

The opening session was attended by Mrs. Kadimova, Ilaha Former Secretary of the Events Commission, current Councillor. in behalf of FIDE Events Commission Chairman, she welcomed the participants in the Seminar and wished them to make full use of the information that the lecturer will provide and wished everyone good luck.

The Lecturer of the Seminar was the FIDE Lecturer IO/IA Mahdi Abdulrahim (UAE) Former Chairman of the Rules Commission, FIDE Arbiters Commission Councillor.The Assistant were IO Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh(IRI), andFA Obay Ali (SUD). The Language of the Seminar was in English.

Daily lectures were from 18.00-22.00 Dubai Time (+4 GMT). 
3rd December 2022was the seminar examination test (3 Hours)

Forty one (41) participants are registeredfromTwenty two(22) federations,there werefrom: Sudan, USA, Egypt, Greece, Spain, India, Poland, Bangladesh, Philippines, Ireland, U.K. , Uganda, Zimbabwe, Suriname, Slovakia, Switzerland, Myanmar, Pakistan, Niger, Cameroon, Syria, and Kenya.

Thirty (30) of them attended the exam, andTwenty seven (27) of them passed the examination test.

The Seminar will give FIDE IO norm, Seminar Certificate according to the Regulations for the FIDE Events Commission. after the approval of the next FIDE Councilmeeting.

List of successfull participants:

Name FIDE ID Federation
Mohammed Hassan Osman 12203149 Sudan
Rueda Alameda, Francisco Javier 22255079 Spain
Newman, Richard 30941237 U.S.A
Hongo, Victor Machel 10803491 Kenya
Anderson, Joshua Milton 39909220 U.S.A
Shoieb, Mahmoud 10609946 Egypt
Ali, Obay 12200123 Sudan
Dubose, Craig 2519623 Ireland (U.K.)
HasnathAlahi , Chowdhury 10224254 Bangladesh
Kimera, Innocent 10000631 Uganda
Naveen Karthikeyan 35017438 India
Fedal, Salem 1313797 Switzerland
Wu, Yugong 54551919 Spain
Maung, Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein 13001698 Myanmar
Pointer, Richard 30927030 U.S.A
Sandalakis, Nikolaos 4222890 Greece
Bangalore, Srikanth 2055732 U.S.A
Hassaan Mehmood 7806809 Pakistan
Albuera, Manuel Jr. 5264723 Philippines
Pazdziora, Michal 1124234 Poland
Kozak, Jan 21064369 Poland
Tongowona, Collen 11003863 Zimbabwe
Marriott, Harrison 343405452 England (U.K.)
dos Ramos, Rosangela 8200521 Suriname
Kakushadze, Ilia 4209532 Greece
Aya Wedatalla Mukhtar 12215163 Sudan
Hassan, Wael 10606963 Egypt