Report FIDE IO Seminar Online

European Chess Union in cooperation with FIDE Events Commission, FIDE Women’s Commission, co-funded by FIDE Development Fund, organisess the Internet Seminar from 11 to 14 of April. The seminar had free entry for female participants.

The seminar was conducted by FIDE Lecturers. Chairperson of FIDE Events Commission IO Ozgur Solakoglu and ECU Secretary General IO Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and technical assistant for the examination part was Mr. Michalis Prevenios. A part of lectures was dedicated to new FIDE regulations for online and hybrid chess events and to the changes in Rating and Titles regulations. 

Twenty-seven (27) participants (20 female) registered for the seminar. 

Twenty (20) participants took the examination successfully and achieved a FIDE International organizer norm:


Surname First name FIDE ID Federation
Gerhard Bertagnolli 815985 ITA
Andrea Bisaro 845060 ITA
Jeff DiOrio 30996031 USA
Annika Froewis 1621432 AUT
Keila Yaoska Gaitan Martinez 6111050 NCA
Artur Jussupow, 4618777 GER
Giannis Kalesis 25819682 GRE
Kaygisiz Kemal 51615541 TUR
Tapia Gaitan Larissa Andrea 6110835 NCA
Freyd Laurent 620700 FRA
Foteini Magnisali 42145171 GRE
Hanna Marie Klek 24670057 GER
Stavroula Papadaki 25831135 GRE
Tijana Petrovic 938840 SRB
Marija Petrovic V 959871 SRB
Israel Shilongo 15201120 NAM
Tchouateu Tankeu Stephanie 16400470 CMR
Modisane Thompson 11301430 BOT
Denise Trippold 1625594 AUT
Ince Yurdanur 26369079 TUR