FIDE Seminar for International Organizers in Torrevjeja, Spain – Results

IPCA (International Physically Disabled Chess Association) – FIDE Affiliated
Organization and co-organized by FIDE Events’ Commission (EVE) organized International Organizers FIDE Seminar which was held during the 20th IPCAWORLD INDIVIDUAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2021.

The seminar was given in the English language (with translation to Russian
language) by FIDE EVE Lecturer IO Olexandr Prohorov (UKR).

Successful Seminar attendees below were granted with a FIDE IO Norm which is necessary for the FIDE IO title application.

Four (4) Participants from 3 Federations (POL,RUS, ISR) attended the Seminar. All Four (4) attendees attempted to pass an exam. Four (4) persons successfully passed the exam, having achieved a score of 80% or more.

List of participants who succeeded and will be be awarded a FIDE EVE Norm follows.

WFM Gerasimova Svetlana 4145968 RUS
IM Gurbanov Andrei 13503391 ISR
Nazarov Alexander 24164950 RUS
Pilimon Zbigniew 1110489 POL